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    Jul 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Yu Dori

    yu-dori-01 yu-dori-02 yu-dori-03 yu-dori-04 yu-dori-05

    Quirky, cute, sensitive and sexual, yes, Yu Dori work embodies them all. Based in Seoul, Korea her illustrations are a combination of hyper-sensual scenarios with genuine endearment from her characters. This sexually-charged juxtaposition instantly reminded me of Paula Rego’s The Family. With or without the sexual overtones Yu’s work is beautiful, vivid, and full of skill.

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    Jul 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Uturo

    uturo-01 uturo-02 uturo-03 uturo-04

    Something very different for this week’s Manga Monday. Presenting the beautiful chaos of Uturo. Her striking digital paintings are bombarded with colour and expression. They embrace the same nature of freedom that traditional paintings have, allowing her to get away with what I like to call “happy accidents”. A style rarely seen in digital painting, and a welcome digression from the controlled work we are accustomed to. You can find more of Uturo’s work on her deviantArt page.

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