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Welcome to Illustrators’ Lounge, a hub for creative minds to explore the world of illustration. 

The Lounge is dedicated to the history, culture, and craft of illustration, with a wealth of articles, interviews, and resources to inform and inspire artists and enthusiasts alike. 

Since 2011, our goal has been to showcase and promote the diversity of the illustration industry by featuring inspiring emerging and established artists from around the globe. 

We aim to elevate illustration appreciation and awareness. The lounge provides a go-to resource for illustrators looking to deepen their understanding of the field, develop their skills, and build a successful career. 

So, come relax, grab your sketchbook, and join us on this exciting journey!

Consulting Service

We can work as your independent art adviser, helping you to find the perfect illustrator for your project. Illustrators’ Lounge is not an agency, which means our recommendations are completely unbiased. Our advice is based on market trends, project goals and budget.

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