1. Manga Mondays ~ Nimura Daisuke


    Japanese illustrator Nimura Daisuke was born in Osaka in 1978. He studied Visual Design at Osaka Municipal College of Design (OMCD) before beginning his illustration career.

    He is well known for his GIF work such as “Ohayo-gozai-masu (Gooood-morniiiiing)!” and for illustrating the characters from the movie Fuku-chan Of Fukufuku Flats (2014). He is also the creative behind the joyful animations used to promote the Teradacho Festival in 2013. Recently, Nimura’s commercial work has included projects for a Japanese TV show, shopping mall, magazine editorials and adverts for big brands.

    While Nimura’s playful GIFs have garnered international attention, his vibrant illustrations are also imbued with the same saucy humour. He captures the everyday silliness of characters dancing in their underwear, of fashionable crowds voguing and cool couples cycling against zesty backdrops. And at first glance his illustrations may seem cute but they possess a mischievous undertone. Nimura himself aims to create a “fun” and “entertaining” aesthetic for his audience whether it’s through animation or illustration.

    You can find more of Nimura Daisuke’s work on Tumblr and Instagram.