1. Janelle Barone


    Janelle Barone is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her story-driven work blends clean lines with neon colours to create poignant and atmospheric illustrations. She works in editorial, commercial and story-boarding projects for clients including The Wall Street Journal, Cosmos Magazine, the Washingtonian and Formula E.

    Janelle’s use of narrative is evident in the faces and body language of her characters. Their telling expressions, be it a smirk or a gaze, pulls the viewer in creating a sense of intimacy with the subject. Her passion for storytelling has led her to reinterpret scenes from movies, books and music.

    All of Janelle’s work is created digitally, from the sketch stage to the colouring. She starts by gathering a range of references and roughing out ideas. After completing the line-work, she adds layers of colour underneath. Her final steps include adding grainy textures and experimenting with filters to adjust the colours until she’s happy.

    In an interview with Urban Outfitters, Janelle was asked when she realised that she wanted to pursue illustration as a career. She responded with insight that will resonate with many illustrators:

    Honestly, some days I still have doubts about my career. Making a commitment to becoming an illustrator is tough. It won’t happen overnight.

    You can find more of Janelle Barone’s work on her website, Behance and Instagram.