Pixel Art

  1. Susan Kare

    Susan Kare is an artist and graphic designer. Best known for her work with Apple, where she created some of the most recognisable icons for the original Macintosh computer.

  2. Paul Robertson

    Paul Robertson is nothing short of a pixel art superstar. Not since eBoy has a pixel artist’s thumbprint been everywhere you turn. Born in Victoria, Australia, Robertson has worked on feature films, Short films, contributed to television and many video games.

  3. Dave Grey

    Having only recently discovering Dave Grey, I sadly know too little about him. However, I can share with you two titbits, 1. he is based in Bristol and 2. he is a pixel artist. If you flicked through the gallery, you may have guessed “fact” number 2 already.

  4. Rene Hernandez aka Pixel Freak

    Rene Hernandez lives in El Salvador and is a very experienced pixel artist, perfecting his craft for over 10 years. He specialises in isometric pixel art and creates graphics for games, web and print. Clients include Coca-Cola, Men’s Health, Pepsi, Maxim and Time Inc.

  5. Andy Helms

    There is a multitude of merry work by Texas based, Andy Helms. His blog, oktotally has a plethora of pop-culture piece. Some of which have been thoughtfully animated for Mr. Helms amusement and ours. I am especially appreciating his He-man and X-men interpretations.

  6. Gary J Lucken

    Gary J Lucken is a self-confessed pixel junkie also known as ‘Army of Trolls’. He was born in London, and now works from Switzerland drawing inspiration from video games, toys and pop culture. His clients include BBC, Honda, Sony, The Guardian and Nestle.

  7. Sergey Kostik

    Sergey is a freelance illustrator from Russia. He creates some nice digital art, but his best work is probably his pixel art. He creates a lot of artwork for games, but some of his advertising pieces for clients are brilliant, full of incredible details. His clients include Sberbank, Megafon, Mars, GQ and Forbes.