1. Ty Wilkins


    Ty Wilkins is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from a Auburn University. After which he worked for various design companies, gaining experience and honing his skills. In 2010 he took the plunge and formed his own design studio.

    Working for himself Wilkins is able to inject more of his personality into projects. He also takes the opportunity to explore geometry and minimalism. Creating typography, icons, and illustrations that have liveliness and charm. Wilkins’ distinct style has attracted brands including Target, Cheerios, IBM and Facebook. As well as publications including Monocle, ESPN Magazine, Wired and Bloomberg.

    Wilkins’ illustrations take full advantage of the perfect lines of vectors. However, he often incorporates scanned painted textures adding an element of handcrafted imperfection. His pastel pallet, as well as his strong use of geometric shapes, is very reminiscent of 1950s illustration. Which he plays upon by adding subtle noise and distress.

    Find more of Ty Wilkins’ illustrations on his website, Dribbble and Instagram.