1. Conrad Roset

    I cannot overemphasise how beautiful Conrad Roset’s illustrations are. I am particularly besotted with his work for the children’s book Ensueños. Mr Roset is from Terrassa, Spain and studied at the Joso School and at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Straight out of university, his online portfolio caught the attention retailers Zara. Working there for a year he developed his style and took the opportunity to learn from other illustrators.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ Laura Laine

    Laura Laine works full time as a freelance illustrator and teaches fashion illustration at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Recent clients include Vogue Nippon, GAP, Elle, Zara and The Guardian. What an impressive international client base! Laura has also exhibited her work in San Francisco and Los Angeles. What’s clever is that when her work sits next to a product and gives it a bit of interest without stealing the limelight.