1. In Their Own Words – Roman Klonek

    Roman Klonek is an illustrator specialising in woodcuts. His bright and bizarre illustrations are a mix of cartoons, folklore and Pop art. Whimsical humanoids and creatures fill the boards, sometimes provoking amusement, sometimes discomfort, and sometimes both. Roman shares with us his artistic influences, creative process and professional path.

  2. Nico Delort

    Based in Paris, freelancer Nicolas Delort produces spectacular woodcut inspired illustrations. The detail and effort put into his pieces is inspiring. You can get a better idea of just how much effort goes in, from this video. You can see more Mr. Delort’s work and process on his Tumblr and blog.

  3. Vahram Muradyan

    Editorial illustrator Vahram Muradyan’s portfolio is filled with the illustration equivalent of one-liners. His work is conceptual but the statement is very clear. His style, often limited in colours, imitates old school printing techniques such as screen and woodcut printing, which help to add a little movement to his pieces. You can see more of Muradyan’s work on his website.

  4. Ingvard The Terrible

    Rarely am I completely blow away by an artist, but every now and then I find one that does. Ingvard The Terrible is a very talented “Illustrator” and self proclaimed “Viking” and “root beer enthusiast”, “Born the last of five mighty sons to a Danish mother and Swedish father.” His main focus is children’s book illustration however he is also very adept in graphic design. Other than Ingvard’s epic style his overall brand as an illustrator is nothing but pure adventure.