“warner bros”

  1. Peter Markowski

    Peter Markowski is an illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked for LEGO, Warner Bros. and is currently a Visual Development Artist at DreamWorks.

  2. Buck Lewis

    H.B. “Buck” Lewis is an animation artist, author, and illustrator. Since the late 1980s, he has worked in animation for leading studios Aardman, Blue Sky, DreamWorks, Pixar, Warner Bros., and Walt Disney. In 2005, he was inducted into the Walt Disney Features Hall of Fame.

  3. Mindy Lee

    Mindy Lee is a Concept Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her portfolio is packed full of with lively inked sketches. She has an entire blog dedicated to them called Mindy Doodles.

  4. Pernille Ørum

    Pernille Ørum is a visual development artist and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She earned a bachelor degree in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop. Freelancing since 2014, some of Ørum’s clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Mattel, and Nickelodeon.

  5. Mike Butkus

    The work on Mike’s portfolio website is as vast as it is impressive. He has worked on over 2,500 films in various roles such as set design, character design and creating movie posters. He created hundreds of characters for Lucasfilms’ Shadow of the Empire. That must have kept him busy for a while! Mike has also taught character design and visual development to industry professionals and art students alike.

  6. Animation Backgrounds

    This blog is a fantastic archive of backgrounds from all sorts of animation. The archive was put together by Rob Richards, who spent a great deal of time digitally restoring the works. This post is a simple thank you to him; I hope many people find this inspiring and useful.