1. Frederik Peeters

    Frederik Peeters is an award-winning Swiss comic book artist. He has published over 30 graphic novels but is best known for the highly acclaimed Pilules Bleues (Blue Pills: a Positive Love Story). He has received five nominations in the ‘Best Book’ category at the prestigious Angoulême International Comics Festival.

  2. Eugène Grasset (1845 – 1917)

    Alongside the Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau is tied as my favourite art movement. I take every opportunity to see Art Nouveau exhibits, but to be honest, until recently I had never taken much note of Eugène Grasset. This is quite a large oversight, considering he has been called “The Father of Art Nouveau”.

  3. Jonna Bjornstjerna

    I like the doodley sketchbook qualities of Jonna Bjornstjerna’s work. Jonna is a Swedish illustrator and children’s book writer. Her first book, ‘The Lord of the Wonderful Family Rabbit and the Monster in the Woods’ (Bonnier Carlsen 2007), won the Children’s Bokjury Award and is soon to be turned into an interactive adventure. She has gone from strength to strength and has been published several times since then, with books she has written and illustrated and also illustrating books for other writers.

  4. Margaux Kindhauser

    Margaux Kindhauser is an illustrator / comic artist from Switzerland. I just love her charming comic style, character design and her ability to set-up a “scene”. She it also an avid fan of creating fan art for popular films and TV shows such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones. She is currently working on her own comic “Clues”, Issue 1 and Issue 2 are currently available to buy on Amazon,  just follow the links.

  5. Fashion Fridays ~ François Berthoud

    Every Friday, we will be posting fashion illustration here on The Lounge. Without further ado, we’ll begin with François Berthoud, an illustrator with impact, detail and vigour. Berthoud uses various techniques, such as linocut and enamel drip, as well as a few select effects on the computer.