1. Jon Foster

    Jon Foster is an American freelance illustrator and sculptor based in Rhode Island, New England. He is best known for his lavish oil painted comic book covers for DC and Dark Horse Comics. Jon’s work has received recognition and awards from the Society of Illustrators, Dark Scribe Magazine, and the sci-fi and fantasy art publication, Spectrum.

  2. Justin Gerard

    Justin Gerard is an illustrator based in Greenville, South Carolina. Predominately working in Fantasy fiction, some of his previous clients include The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros., HarperCollins and Random House. His work has been featured in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, and the Society of Illustrators 50th Annual of American Illustration.

  3. Francis Vallejo

    I remember one of my university tutors saying, “if you can illustrate realistically you will always be in demand.” Well, Francis Vallejo has mastered realism and is one very busy illustrator. He is consistently working on personal and commercial projects, as well as teaching at The Art Department. His clients include Playboy, Snapple, ImagineFX, and has been published in Spectrum, Totoro Forest Project book, and Dolor. What I think I really admire more then the anatomic accuracy is the expression and energy he manages to bring into his work. The best place to find out more about Mr. Vallejo is over on his blog.

  4. Jeremy Enecio

    Since graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art, Illustrator Jeremy Enecio has racked up quite an impressive number of awards from magazines such as Spectrum and ImagineFX. With a superb understanding of form he often toys with it to alter emphasis. Many of his characters, however seem to have very gaunt expressions, making them appear lifeless. It’s this rather eerie nature of Enecio’s work that make them so interesting for me. To see more of his illustrations pop over to his website.