1. 28 Gumroad Creators You Really Should Know

    Since its launch in 2011 Gumroad has fast become one of the most popular platforms for creatives to sell their digital content. However, Gumroad is purposely designed without a centralised area of search and discovery, instead the emphasis is on the creators to direct their audience. Which makes it impossible to just stumble on all that great content. You can find some good stuff in the Gumroad Collections section, but that really does not even scratch the surface of how many gems the site has.

  2. Steve Salgado

    Chicago Based Illustrator, Steve Salgado is definitely a man of few words. But what he lacks in verbosity he makes up in versatility. He has a range of styles, most with a graffiti-influenced basis, but he also produces some very emotional painted pieces. His sketchbooks are particularly fun and very organic. You can find more about Salgado on his website.