1. Manga Mondays ~ Yu Dori

    Quirky, cute, sensitive and sexual, yes, Yu Dori work embodies them all. Based in Seoul, Korea her illustrations are a combination of hyper-sensual scenarios with genuine endearment from her characters. This sexually-charged juxtaposition instantly reminded me of Paula Rego’s The Family. With or without the sexual overtones Yu’s work is beautiful, vivid, and full of skill.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ Alina Filipoiu

    Alina is a freelance illustrator and architecture student from Romania. She uses photography, traditional and digital methods to create her work. Witty, provocative and intelligent, with visuals that’ll send you into a delightful frenzy; that’s how I’d describe her work in a sentence. There’s always something a little bit different and edgy about each piece of work, so I hope you enjoy the post. Thanks for getting in touch, Alina! Head on over to her Behance page to see more.

  3. Otto Von Todd

    Sexy pin-up art can often be derogatory by its very nature, and even by pin-up standards Otto Von Todd pushes the boundaries at times. But then I’m not so sensitive, so I’m quite happy to appreciate the talent and skill involved to create illustration as good as this. His line-work feels effortlessly good, so natural and loose. I get the same feeling from his colours; he makes it look easy, like he has created something in twenty minutes which is better than something I would take a whole day to achieve. So sue me for being a little jealous! Pop over to his website and see more…

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ RPW

    RPW is a graduate of NSCAD University. He lives and works in Vancouver, where he creates artwork for international brands from all over the world. On his website you’ll find illustration work for Victoria’s Secret, Versace, DKNY and many more.

  5. Marguerite Sauvage

    I adore the delicate line work and pastel colours of Marguerite Sauvage’s illustrations. Based in Paris and professionally illustrating since 2001, Sauvage has worked with a host of big brands including Elle Magazine, Mattel, PlayStation 3, Apple Computers, MTV, just to name a few. Her work, at times, can be overtly sexual and the juxtaposition of Sauvage’s ethereal style for such graphic images make it some of her most engaging illustrations. She of coarse has plentiful amount of G-Rated illustrations over on her website, which you should definitely visit. I will finish on one of Marguerite Sauvage quotes, regarding what inspires her, which I agree with completely:

  6. Bill Presing

    Our festive treats continue with the work of Bill Presing. I was first introduced to his work when I saw the “Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher” animation, and pretty much stayed an avid fan ever since. His work is heavily influenced by the style of the 1950s, ergo his is partial to a sexy pin-up, or two…or three. His ridiculously energetic characters, along with his wonderful watercolours combine to produce truly great work. Keep up to date with his work on his blog.

  7. Buff Monster

    Ludicrously cute and unashamedly sexual, Buff Monster has brightened up street walls across the globe. Combining geometric shapes and a limited palette, Buff Monster’s work is unmistakable. To borrow a quote from his own website, “Buff Monster works tirelessly day and night to spread happiness, joy and a love of pink”.