1. Apolline Etienne

    Apolline Etienne is a French freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She began her career in art as an abstract painter. She exhibited her paintings in the UK, France, New York and the Netherlands. However, the desire to tell stories led her to pursue illustration and study animation in Brussels.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ Lucy MacLeod

    Lucy MacLeod has a ridiculous amount of talent. She seems to be able to draw from life with precision and ease, but then also has the creativity to spice it up. This is an awesome mix. What’s also nice is to be able to see every mark made. It feels hand crafted and passionate. Her clients include British Airways, Marie Claire, La Perla and Levi Strauss.

  3. Kenneth Anderson

    I’ve been following Ken’s blog for many years now. He is a brilliant digital painter, with great sensibilities when it comes to conceptual work, character designs and scenery. Ken works as a freelance character designer and illustrator (visit his website, Character Cube). He is also an animator, and not too long ago finished working as a key clean-up artist and inbetweener on Sylvain Chomet’s ‘The Illusionist’.

  4. Dwayne Bell

    Dwayne Bell’s new online folio site looks rather good. His work is very mixed media, from photography to traditional line drawings. Texture plays a large role and it’s nice to see there is a good solid understanding of drawing from life behind it all.