1. Denis Borisovich

    Denis Borisovich is a Russian illustrator and animator. Based in Moscow, he has worked for Russian animation studios Toonbox and was a member of the visual art group honkfu.

  2. Anna Cattish

    Cat Anett, or more commonly known as Anna Cattish, is an illustrator and animator from Russia. Cattish was part of the Honkfu art collective that produced the motion comic JAM. She has also contributed to the upcoming book, Masters of Anatomy. Her art style is simultaneously cute and edgy with many of her characters exuding attitude. Cattish illustrates in a variety of mediums, predominately colouring digitally, recently however has been producing some really beautiful gauche pieces.

  3. Vera Brosgol

    Storyboard and comic artist Vera Brosgol was born in Moscow, but has lived in the United States since the age of five. She contributed to 3 volumes the Flight anthologies and gained broad recognition with her first graphic novel, Anya’s Ghost. Published in 2011 by First Second Books, it won Brosgol an Will Eisner award in Best Publication for Teens.

  4. Phobs

    Very popular deviantArt illustrator, Phobs, packs her gallery with vivid characters donning carefully observed outfits. Never scared of detail she regularly dress a scene with an array of elaborate fabrics. As an avid mix-media artist, Phobs is able to incorporate a range of textures in her work. It’s this attention to detail that really tell the story of her characters and bring them to life.

  5. Taya aka Oneforni

    Russian illustrator Taya is proficient in so many different styles, it’s hard to believe it’s only one person. I am personally very much liking her distorted shapes and absurd characters. More of Taya’s illustrations can be found on her tumblr and her website. Thanks for getting in touch, Taya!

  6. Snow Skadi

    Snow Skadi is a fantasy painter & concept artist from Russia. Snow Skadi is an absolute genius when it comes to architecture and fantastical landscapes. He utilizes chiaroscuro lighting techniques (contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modelling three-dimensional objects) in his works. This effect gives each and every feature of his images their own aura and mystic.