1. Christina Jung

    Christina Jung lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. She works in various styles, primarily using acrylics and screen-printing with a nice touch of hand-lettering thrown into the mix. Christina says:

  2. Status Serigraph aka Justin Helton

    Justin Helton is a graphic designer/illustrator specialising in design for the music industry. He is probably best known for his excellent gig posters, which usually comprise of quite detailed illustrations, beautiful typesetting and are all printed by hand. Justin works from Knoxville, Tennessee, creating work for bands such as Phish, The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys and festivals such as Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. Visit his stylish website to see more.

  3. Dima Je

    Dima Je is a designer/illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. His illustrations feature in much of his designs, including packaging, invitations, posters and more. He uses letterpress, vector art and I believe also screen printing. Everything on his Behance portfolio looks amazing, but you can also see plenty more on his Dribbble page.

  4. Eric Nyffeler aka Doe Eyed

    Eric’s visual style mixes bright colours, simple shapes, gritty textures and bold typography. His screen-printed gig posters are absolutely stunning, well worth the simple click over to his ‘Doe Eyed’ website, where you’ll also find some nice branding, illustrations, t-shirts and more.

  5. Mashville – Image pingpong

    “Mashville is a collaborative art project initiated by Mister Adam and drJay. Likeminded artists are invited to exchange or create images and ideas in order to create a surprising screenprint. One of the parties creates an image and then passes it on to the collaborating artist. The image goes back and forth, until both parties are satisfied with the obtained result. Finally that result will be screenprinted. A process we started to call “image pingpong”, the Mashville way.”

  6. Shaun Doyle

    Shaun Doyle is a freelance illustrator who grew up by the sea side in Brighton (UK) and now works from his studio in London. His images are created by combining hand drawings with computer graphics and colour.