1. Jason Seiler

    Schoolism teacher Jason Seiler is an award winning artist with a humorous style and sound technique. His portraits capture ‘that special something’ which makes them intriguing and engaging. Jason’s clients make for an impressive list and include Time Magazine, Penguin Group, Rolling Stone and The New York Times. To see more visit his excellent website and his agent’s, Richard Solomon. I love that Susan Boyle piece!

  2. Bence Farkasinszki aka Benze

    Bence Farkasinszki is from Budapest, Hungary and “recently” got in contact with the Lounge to let us know of his newly updated portfolio. His work is erratic and scratchy, although it is often juxtaposed with intricate details. Be sure to take a closer look for yourselves.

  3. Fashion Fridays ~ Ali Cavanaugh

    Ali is from St Louis, where she currently lives with her husband and four children. Her signature pieces often depict girls wearing stripy socks over their hands, creating striking compositions using negative space effectively and evoking a playful, child-like quality. She uses a technique she describes as ‘modern fresco’, applying watercolours to plaster panels.

  4. Ian Carrington

    Ian is from Nottingham, England. I really enjoyed looking through his Behance portfolio, which has some nice portrait illustrations and sketches. I particularly liked his John Lennon piece, very calm and collected in cool blue.

  5. Tadaomi Shibuya

    Tadaomi Shibuya is a Japanese illustrator with an incredible geometric style. What I find amazing about this style is that it can be deployed to portraits just as well as more abstract subjects. Shibuya says he is influenced heavily by hip hop and artificial factory products.