1. Chicken or the Egg by Kimwu Productions

    The Chicken or the Egg is a very cute short from Ringling College of Art and Design students, Christine Kim and Elaine Wu. I was taken back by the amount of talent these two students already have. There’s no prizes for guessing Chicken or the Egg has already won an award, as well as been screened at a bunch of film festivals.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ May Ann Licudine

    Absolutely beautiful work from this month’s Manga Mondays artist. May Ann Licudine, aka Mall, lives and works in the Philippines. Her portfolio is a mixed bag with pieces ranging from fun and dream-like to sombre. One look at it reveals she is equally skilled in both sculpture and illustration. I personally adore her brightly-coloured paintings, preferably the ones with cats. Check out more of her work on her deviantArt page.

  3. Erwin Madrid

    Erwin Madrid was born in the Philippines and grew up in California, USA. His talents were spotted very early on by Dreamworks, who hired him during his last semester at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He worked on a lot of the Shrek franchise, as well as the Madagascar sequel. He also creates some beautiful children’s book illustrations and has illustrated a comic book titled ‘Ananke’, which looks incredible.

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Soleil Ignacio

    Soieil is from The Philippines. She used to work as an Art Director for a magazine and now works as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator full time. You can really see how every mark was made by looking at her fluid line-work, particularly the details in her fabrics, flowers and hair. You can find more of her work by visiting her blog, or alternatively her Behance page.