1. Bill Cone

    Californian Illustrator Bill Cone is well known for his sensational pastel artwork and his ongoing contribution to Pixar Animation Studios. He studyied Painting at San Francisco State University before going on to study Illustration at Art Center College of Design. After his graduation, Cone embarked on a career as a landscape painter and for over 17 years he has exhibited annually, both in group and one-man shows.

  2. Noah Klocek

    Noah is an Art Director at Pixar Animation Studios. I love his wonderful sense of lighting. Looking at his work, I thought the affable style would help bring a bit of festive feeling to the Lounge, seeing as we are so close to Christmas!

  3. Phillip Butah

    Phillip Butah is a personal friend of ours here at the lounge. Although we have examined his work time and time again, it never ceases to impress us. His ultra realistic portraits present the viewer with not only an honest study of the subject but also a deeper connection with them. Phillip tends to punch right through the barriers and show what lies beneath, this is truly amazing when coupled with his ability to make the persons character feel larger than life. Phillip has drawn many famous individuals to date including, Prince Charles, Ashley Walters, Linford Cristie and his latest works with Ed Sheeran. To see more, head over to his website.