1. Book Review ~ Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi

    In Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi, 50 talented traditional and digital artists showcase their sketches, share their inspirations, and explain their approaches to drawing sci-fi art. From doodles of robots and aliens, to concept designs for spaceships and speculative life-forms, Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi is a visually stunning collection packed with useful tips and creative insights – an invaluable resource that will inspire artists of all abilities.

  2. Adam Rex

    Adam Rex is from Phoenix, Arizona and now lives in Tuscon. He studied at the University of Arizona, where he received his BFA Qualification. He has since gone on to write and illustrate some excellent children’s books such as ‘Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich’, a collection of stories about monsters.

  3. Justin Patrick Parpan

    I stumbled upon Justin’s blog today (and I think I looked through every page). He is currently working at Disney Studios, and he also creates a lot of fun illustrated work in his spare time. I really like his background art, which is simple, yet beautiful. You’ll also find on his blog some comic strips, character design, illustrated skateboards and the list goes on. Super talent, and extremely inspiring.

  4. Alex Dukal

    Alex is from Argentina. His children’s’ book style of illustration is weird and wonderful, delightfully charming. His works are full of gritty, understated surroundings with interesting characters that have definite purpose. For those who like a bit of escapism, Alex’s illustrations transport you to another world. If you like what you see here, visit his website.

  5. Adam Garcia

    Introducing the off-beat characters of illustrator/designer Adam Garcia. His vector portfolio mainly consists of monsters an robots. All very cute though, and usually coloured in pastel tones further accentuating their cuddliness. See more of his portfolio, and keep up to date with Mr. Garcia on his twitter page.

  6. Charles Santoso

    Charles Santoso lives and works in Sydney, Australia as a concept artist and illustrator. He is currently at Animal Logic, where he has worked on animated feature films and commercials. His soft style often incorporates monsters and creepy looking animals, so the contrast is always interesting. The tones and lighting are always carefully considered and beautiful. Visit his website here for a really nice selection of work.