1. Fashion Fridays ~ RPW

    RPW is a graduate of NSCAD University. He lives and works in Vancouver, where he creates artwork for international brands from all over the world. On his website you’ll find illustration work for Victoria’s Secret, Versace, DKNY and many more.

  2. Monsieur Cabinet

    Monsieur Cabinet (a.k.a. Dave) is an illustrator / graphic designer based in Leeds. He currently teaches Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art alongside his illustration and design work. His simple and effective style has attracted several high profile clients including IKEA, DKNY, Royal Mail and Huffington Post.

  3. Sylvain Ollier

    Illustrator / graphic designer Sylvain Ollier’s minimalist style is often filled with little monster characters, who sometimes escape into the ‘real world’! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Graphic design is a major weapon in the arsenal for an illustrator, and vice versa.

  4. Malika Favre

    Having only recently stumbling on Malika Favre’s work, I am glad I did. Her balance of simple shapes and use of minimal colour create a very unique visual experience. She is French born, but now working in London, she started her career working for award-winning design studio Airside. Now, however, after developing her own distinct style and collaborating with numerous publications she has established herself as an independent illustrator.