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  1. 20 Illustrators You Really Should Be Watching On YouTube

    YouTube is a goldmine for illustrators, whether you are digging for expert advice, tutorials or demos, you’ll find all you need to be inspired each day. After dipping into our ever-growing YouTube Subscriptions, Illustrator’s Lounge has compiled a list of creatives who are a consistent source of great advice. Here are 20 illustrators you really should be watching on YouTube:

  2. Miki Montlló

    Miquel Montlló is a Spanish freelance illustrator currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked in the videogame and animated movie industries, as well as a commercial storyboard artist for international companies such as Nike, Ikea, Real Madrid and Audi. I have personally had the privilege of working with Miki when he contributed to our book ‘100% Recycled Paper’ (soon to be published). He is a true professional, a wonderful talent with initiative and boundless creativity. He is one of those people who could probably turn his hand to anything and do it better than most. Not only that, but he’s one hell of a nice guy…so please do visit his excellent blog where he posts all manner of creative things. You can even see some of his process, which is a nice bonus!