“los angeles”

  1. Jeff Victor

    Jeff Victor is an illustrator and character designer based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his comical pop-culture character evolutions and his “adorkable” re-imaginings. His work has been displayed in galleries all over the world.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ Brandon Liao

    Brandon Liao is a freelance concept artist based in Los Angeles, California. He has created concepts and illustrations for both video games and films for clients including Riot Games and Realm Pictures. He is an artist “on a mission to spread epicness throughout the universe.”

  3. Mindy Lee

    Mindy Lee is a Concept Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her portfolio is packed full of with lively inked sketches. She has an entire blog dedicated to them called Mindy Doodles.

  4. Alex Fuentes

    Alex Fuentes aka Los Fokos is an illustrator and graphic designer from Los Angeles. Fuentes, self-taught, took inspiration from comic books, graffiti, art nouveau, science fiction, and the “metaphysical.” He carefully studied other artists, learning basics and applying them, to developed his own voice.