“le monde”

  1. Michael Meier

    Freelance illustrator and comic artist Michael Meier graduated from the prestigious German School of Art and Design Kassel. In 2007, whilst still studying, he co-founded indie-publishing company Rotopol. Who publish the glorious mini comic anthology, Dolor, as well as works by fellow illustrators including the likes of Mcbess and Maike Plenzke. In Meier’s freelance career he has worked with companies including Le Monde, Diplomatique, GQ and Men’s Health. His characters are full of personality and gusto, making his illustration look more like animation screen captures, rather then a standalone images. Find more of Meier’s work on his website.

  2. Emiliano Ponzi

    Award winning illustrator Emiliano resides in fashionable Milan, Iltaly. He has an intelligent approach towards illustration and is full of good ideas. But also, he has a nice visual style full of grit and interesting line work. His use of repetition and negative space to convey his messages are a real highlight.