1. Fashion Fridays ~ Mats Gustafson

    In the world of fashion there is a constant push and pull over the dominate medium splashed over the magazines. Mats Gustafson began his career in the 1970s where all the magazines were ripe with photography, with very little look in for illustration, and even less for abstract watercolours. He graduated from Scandinavian Drama Institute in Stockholm in 1976 and immediately got a job as a costume designer for Swedish television. His break into fashion came in 1978 where he had his first fashion illustration published in British Vogue. That lead the path to illustrating for American Vogue, Interview, Marie Claire, and the New York Times Magazine. He has helped developed advertising campaigns for Hermès, Tiffany & Co., Yohji Yamamoto.

  2. Ridd Sorensen

    Ridd Sorensen is an Art Director in the animation industry. He has an incredible sense of style; everything he creates is captivating in its own way. On Pixar Times you can read a nice interview with Ridd, where he mentions his love for street art and how inspirational it is to him:

  3. Fashion Fridays ~ Antonio Lopez (1943-1987)

    Flamboyant fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez started his career in the 1960s. Though relatively short, he worked with many of the big names in editorial fashion such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Interview. His illustrations are a fabulous product of their time, absorbing pop culture and high-art alike, creating something unique and trendsetting. His work continues to be popular today, with fashion designers Hannah MacGibbon and Marc Jacobs citing Antonio Lopez as their source of inspiration.

  4. Zaruhi Galstyan

    Zar is based in North Hollywood, California. She is a Calarts ’09 graduate currently working as a character designer for Pixar. She creates some stunning ‘wood burning’ paintings, which you can find on her blog along with loads of other interesting visual knick-knacks. Well worth a visit. Oh, and for a little giggle check out her rant about wearing 3D glasses!

  5. Interview ~ Petra Börner

    We are very excited about our very first interview on The Lounge. We knew it would have to be somebody with an incredible talent and style, so we are proud to welcome Petra Börner on this here website.