1. Thierry Martin

    French illustrator Thierry Martin produces wonderful children’s comics. Between 2007 – 2009 He released three anthologies of Le Roman de Renart. Written by Jean-Marc Mathis, it is a modern take based on the centuries old red fox and trickster, Reynard. More recently, partnering with writer Loïc Dauvillier, he has released two books about a young dreamer named Myrmidon.

  2. Wilfredo Torres

    I am slightly ashamed to say I have only recently discovered the talents of Wilfredo Torres. Worse still I only stumbled upon him though his Instagram, and not by picking up an issue of his current run on The Shadow: Year One. A mistake I will be rectifying this weekend. Mr. Torres has been working in comics since 2008, his previous titles including Salem: Queen of Thorns, Creepy, and Lobster Johnson.

  3. Becky Cloonan

    Illustrator and comic creator Becky Cloonan is potentially best know for her work on award-winning Pixu: The Mark of Evil, and her self-published comics Wolves (2011), and The Mire (2012). It was Cloonan’s mini comics, along with her collaboration with Brian Wood on Channel Zero, which gained her recognition from fellow illustrators and publishers alike. She has since gone on to work with Vertigo, Dark Horse, Harper Collins and Marvel. As a serial Brian Wood collaborator, they have worked on great titles such as Demo, Northlanders, and Conan The Barbarian. Even with her busy schedule nowadays, Cloonan has said she will still try to self-publish a new mini comic every year.

  4. Logan Faerber

    Logan hails from Rhode Island and currently works in Boston as lead illustrator of design company Dobot, which he co-founded. I just love his luscious inks which have nice line variations, really swift strokes and even a bit of dry-brushing. The colours are always nicely selected and his composition is great. There are some really superb comic strips on his website; go and see!

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