“Harry Potter”

  1. Illustrator’s Diary: December Events and Exhibitions

    December is just around the corner and the frosty weather is almost certainly convincing you to stay indoors, wrap up, sit back with a good (comic) book and a warm toddy. But, if you are looking for another way to warm the cockles of your heart, here are some of the events and exhibitions that we think are worth braving the cold for.

  2. Andrew Davidson

    English illustrator and designer Andrew Davidson graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Known for his traditional wood engraving and wood cuts, Mr Davidson also paints more graphic artwork using gauche and wood blocks. All of his traditional work is printed using a 1859 Albion hand press.

  3. Zac Gorman

    Zac Gorman has worked across the fields of print, illustration, design, motion, web, and UI. Clearly as adaptable as he is talented, he often varies his style for the project in hand. Mr. Gorman is an avid blogger and regularly updates his Magical Game Time website. It houses all of his video game inspired illustrations, and is now brimming with humorous and introspective pieces.

  4. Manga Mondays ~ Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias

    Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias aka Genzoman is a Chilean illustrator with influences deeply routed in video games. He has created many official pieces and fan art for companies such as Capcom and Blizzard, and games like World of Warcraft. Genzoman’s energetic and cinematic style lends itself well to the fantasy games he often illustrates. Coupled with his ostentatious colours, his illustrations really pack a punch. You can see much more of Genzoman’s work on his deviantArt page.