“graphic novel”

  1. Michelle Woodward

    Michelle Woodward is a Sheridan College graduate born and raised in Southern Ontario. She works as a freelance illustrator with clients including Creative Quarterly, McGraw-HIll Ryerson, Canadian Running Magazine, and Dirt Rag Magazine. Many of Woodward’s illustrations have a feeling of trepidation or unease, which she creates with great use of desaturated tones and lone figures.

  2. Edwardo Risso

    As an avid fan, I have been following the work of Argentinean comic book illustrator Edwardo Risso, for some time now. Best known for his collaborative work with writter Brian Azzarello on 100 Bullets, Mr. Risso and his iconic, often gritty, style has become instantly recognisable among comic fans.

  3. Rafa Alvarez

    Spanish illustrator Rafa Alvarez has an impressive selection of works on his website. I like the way he sometimes uses coloured ink lines, almost like those in many animated films. There are nice strokes in his lines too. He has a good knack for well thought out editorial illustrations as well as advertising posters and comic strips.

  4. Mike Deas

    Graphic novelist Mike Deas is probably best known for his Graphic Guide Adventure Series. But there’s another interesting side to Mike’s illustration career; he visits schools as a guest speaker! I remember meeting author Michael Rosen when I was young, at my primary school Hazelwood. He left a lasting impression on me—and from what I can see in his testimonials Mike Deas must have a similar effect on the children he visits.  And what a great way to make some spritely young fans. Win-win!

  5. Terry Fan

    Terry has produced several designs for t-shirts, prints, iPhone cases and laptop skins which you can purchase from his Society 6 page. A versatile illustrator, Terry is also plying his hand to storytelling mediums such as children’s books and graphic novels. He is based in Toronto, Canada. But I’m sure he won’t want us turning up on his doorstep; perhaps his online Krop page would be a better place to find more of his work…