1. Tim Mack

    Tim Mack is an illustrator and character designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has recently become freelance after working almost a decade in the games industry. Illustrating digitally and traditionally, Mack creates characters, be they monsters or animals, that retain a cute and comical appeal.

  2. David Nunn

    Last weekend I decided to go on the Open Studio & Art Trail. Essentially it is a free event where artist and craftspeople from the local community open up their studio to the inquisitive public. It’s a great idea, and I have not heard of many events similar to this, but I do (selfishly) hope the idea spreads to other parts of London.

  3. Daniel Krall

    I am absolutely loving the style of illustrator Daniel Krall. Punchy colours, loose line work and packed with textures. I further became besotted when I found out much of the work is done traditionally, it is a mix watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pixels. For a little more background for Krall, Here is a nice quote from his website:

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Nuno Da Costa

    Nuno Da Costa is a London based fashion illustrator with great technique and a sense of style that shines through in his work. He hand draws and then paints his illustrations with water colours and Gouache. Once he is happy, he then takes them into Photoshop for touch-ups and further digital painting. It’s a nice technique, as it’s not always easy to clean things up off-screen.