“french books”

  1. Antoine Carrion

    Antoine Carrion is comic artist based in France. He has collaborated with authors Christian Lehmann to create No Pasaran and Antoine Ozanam on L’Ombre blanche. Partnering for a second time with Ozanam, they produced the successful one-shot, Temudjin. Illustrated entirely digitally, Temudjin tells a fantastical version of an adolescent Genghis Khan, guided by a shaman, on a journey to becoming the man history knows.

  2. Nobrow

    ‘Nobrow’ are a top quality ongoing series of books which provide a fantastic platform for illustration and comic art. So what’s so good about the books? Well it seems they are very selective with their artists, ensuring they are visually excellent and are also able to tell a good story. The books as objects themselves are carefully crafted with the best materials, using spot-colour printing (Pantones) to really make sure colours are crisp and vibrant.