“DC Comics”

  1. Justin Erickson

    Justin Erickson is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer. Inspired by vintage art, comic books, the macabre, and the bizarre. He has worked with Dark Horse Comics, Lions Gate Entertainment, Rue Morgue Magazine, Twitch Film, and regularly collaborates with Mondo.

  2. Raul Trevino

    Raul Trevino is a comic book writer and illustrator based in north Mexico. Working in comics for more than 15 years, his previous clients include Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Glénat, and Les Humanoïdes Associés.

  3. Pernille Ørum

    Pernille Ørum is a visual development artist and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She earned a bachelor degree in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop. Freelancing since 2014, some of Ørum’s clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Mattel, and Nickelodeon.

  4. Tom Whalen

    Tom Whalen is an American Illustrator and Designer. You may already recognise his work from Mondo or Gallery 1988. Whalen’s gamut does not start nor end there, having worked with an incredible array of Clients.

  5. Jordie Bellaire

    If there is a comic on the shelf right now not coloured by Jordie Bellaire, I have not seen it. This weekend, during a quick comic shop, I saw her name on Moon Knight, Convergence Shazam, The Kitchen, Injection and probably a bunch more I did not spot. Jordie Bellaire has been a familiar fixture of our comic shop shelves for much of the last two years. So prolific and wonderful is Ballaire, that last year the industry showed their appreciation in the form of an Eisner award. Which in 22 years only 10 other colourist have earned, Dave Stewart and Chris Ware claiming over half of the awards between them.

  6. Gerhard Human

    Gerhard Human is a Designer and Illustrator currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. He works as a Creative Director for advertising agency Masters & Savant Worldwide. He regularly produces personal work for gallery exhibitions, and in the last three years he has participated in no less than a combination of 20 group and solo shows.

  7. Nimit Malavia

    Seriously stunning work from today’s feature, the award-winning illustrator, Nimit Malavia. Born Ottawa, Canada in 1987, he studied Illustration at the Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. Currently based in Toronto, Mr Malavia’s work has been exhibited across North America and Europe in galleries including Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art Gallery, Bold Hype Gallery, Thinkspace Gallery, LeBasse Projects, and London Miles Gallery.