“dark horse”

  1. Raul Trevino

    Raul Trevino is a comic book writer and illustrator based in north Mexico. Working in comics for more than 15 years, his previous clients include Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Glénat, and Les Humanoïdes Associés.

  2. Joshua Middleton

    Joshua Middleton’s career began in the comic book industry, with his clean-cut style attracting several major comic book publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image. He later went on to work in television animation and feature films for companies such as Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Universal and Sony Pictures Animation. Joshua is also one hell of a book cover artist…see more on his website.

  3. Chris Staggs

    San Francisco comic and freelance artist Chris Staggs graduated from the Joe Kubert school for cartooning and animation. Relatively new to the comic industry Mr. Staggs has already worked on Marvel Comic’s Deadpool titles, and more recently has been working on a Dark horse title’s Mass Effect: Homeworlds and Prototype 2. The cross-section of his illustration influences, including J.C. Leyendecker, Mike Mignola, Alphonse Mucha, Claire Wendling, Sergio Toppi, Sebastion Kruger and Carlos Meglia, are shown in his large range of styles. I particularly like his some of his more recent black & white commissions, which you can see on his DeviantArt page.

  4. Carlos Meglia (1957 – 2008)

    Presenting the unmistakeable style of Carlos Meglia. Born in the city of Quilmes, Argentina, Meglia began his career in illustration way back in 1974. Early on in his career he joined Hanna-Barbera Studios, where he worked on cartoon series including The Smurfs, The Flinstones, and Scooby Doo. Steadily moving into comics, it was not until he partnered with famous Argentinian writer, Carlos Trillo, to work on titles Irish Coffee and in most notably Cybersix where Meglia really made waves in the industry. Cybersix itself bringing about both a live action television and animated series.

  5. Evan Shaner

    Colorado-based Evan “Doc” Shaner is a comic artist for publishers including Dark Horse and Oni Press. His illustrations are heavily influenced by the American silver age of comics, in particular illustrators like Alex Toth and Steve Ditko, as well as the European ligne claire technique. He has various approaches to colouring that all effortless suit his clear line work, which is a testament to his style. You can see more of his work on his website.