1. Rémi Bastie

    Very recently we featured animator, Paul Lacolley. Today we turn our attention to his fellow CRCR collective member. Rémi Bastie is a French animator and Gobelins graduate. Whilst at Gobelins, and the years following it, Bastie has work on some wonder animations. Some have already been mentioned in our Lacolley feature, but other great ones include CRCR’s first short movie Jesus 2000, which was made during an internship at WIZZ Design, the psychedelic advert for LOWDI, and the poignant short New Sensation. WIZZ now represents the group of directors, enabling them to continue collaborating together.

  2. Paul Lacolley

    Paul Lacolley is an animator and illustrator from Paris, France. He is a member of the animation collective CRCR. Which is comprised of fellow Gobelins graduates Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Kévin Manach, Nicolas Pegon, and Jérémy Pires. If you have an outstanding memory, you will remember in 2012 we featured CRCR’s short animation for Amnesty International called Break The Law Of Silence.

  3. Nicolas Dehghani

    Nicolas is based in Paris, France. His style was unusual and unique, which made it so captivating for me. I couldn’t decide which pieces to display here on The Lounge, but I hope these do him justice. I love the way he plays with the form of the body, bending and manipulating the angles so that they are taken to the edge of what is probably ‘acceptable’. But I think he’s just a true all-rounder; his colour palettes are well chosen and he creates some incredible background art. Looking back through his work, it seems that his style has developed over a long period of time. It has matured into this unique identity. I wonder where it goes from here!

  4. Break The Law Of Silence

    I stumbled upon this video recently and thought I’d post it up. I found the combination of real and illustrated imagery quite powerful, so I hope you all like it. Amnesty International is a brilliant charity that does great work and  the more people that hear about these atrocities the better in my opinion.