“concept art”

  1. Andrea Femerstrand aka Noukah

    Swedish illustrator Andrea Femerstrand works in the games industry and freelances in her spare time. Her digital painting skills and visual style are well suited to story books and concept art; she’s also a talented character designer. You can see a lot of her step-by-step process on her Behance page, which is very insightful.

  2. Peter Oedekoven

    Peter Oedekoven is from Germany, but he studied at the California Institute of the Arts where he earned his BFA in Film/Animation. For the past decade he has been working in both the film and game industries for companies such as Disney Feature Animation and Columbia Tri Star. His game backgrounds are wonderful, as are his concept art pieces.

  3. Stuart Kim

    Stuart’s portfolio includes a variety of concept art, illustrations, caricatures, fantasy art and sketches. His colours are jaw-dropping, and it’s great to see the detail in his sketches. He currently works in the video games industry, having worked previously in web design. I had a tough time picking a few illustrations to display here on The Lounge; see more on his excellent website. 

  4. Tyler N. Stott

    Tyler is a concept artist based in Seattle. I like his soft tones and interesting use of shapes, and he creates some wonderful background art. He has great technique, but also he has a brilliant imagination which is absolutely priceless. I have a big love for concept art; at its best it is complete escapism.

  5. Charles Santoso

    Charles Santoso lives and works in Sydney, Australia as a concept artist and illustrator. He is currently at Animal Logic, where he has worked on animated feature films and commercials. His soft style often incorporates monsters and creepy looking animals, so the contrast is always interesting. The tones and lighting are always carefully considered and beautiful. Visit his website here for a really nice selection of work.

  6. Kevin Wada

    I stumbled upon this rather hidden gem today. Kevin Wada is an Illustrator from the US. I’m absolutely loving his expressive style and some of his fan art is just fantastic. Overall his work ranges from editorial to fashion and character design. He is currently in San Francisco “hustlin’” as an illustrator.