1. Apolline Etienne

    Apolline Etienne is a French freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She began her career in art as an abstract painter. She exhibited her paintings in the UK, France, New York and the Netherlands. However, the desire to tell stories led her to pursue illustration and study animation in Brussels.

  2. Elisabeth Fredriksson

    Elisabeth Fredriksson is an artist, photographer and graphic designer from Sweden. She creates elegant geometric patterns. A self-proclaimed “color addicted,” her love and understanding of colour is an instant attraction of her work.

  3. Zac Retz

    Zac Retz is a colour artist and character designer for games, film and animation. He had been working at games company Workinman Interactive since 2013, until recently deciding to become freelance. Part of the decision to freelance was so he could work on his own animated short. He has set up a Patreon to cover some of the costs. In return he shares the visual development process as well as tutorials.