1. Leo Espinosa

    Leo Espinosa is a freelance illustrator and designer from Bogotá, Colombia. His illustrations have graced the pages of magazines and children’s books earning recognition from American Illustration, Communication Arts, Pictoplasma, 3×3, and the Society of Illustrators.

  2. Jon Contino

    Jon Contino is an artist I have admired for a while. From New York, and influenced by New York, his style is instantly recognisable. Much of Mr Contino’s work revolves around typography. Combining traditional techniques with digital tools he has bridged the gap between traditional and modern.

  3. Rene Hernandez aka Pixel Freak

    Rene Hernandez lives in El Salvador and is a very experienced pixel artist, perfecting his craft for over 10 years. He specialises in isometric pixel art and creates graphics for games, web and print. Clients include Coca-Cola, Men’s Health, Pepsi, Maxim and Time Inc.

  4. André Smatik Ljosai

    Today on The Lounge we have super talent André Smatik Ljosai aka Smatik. Art direction, illustration, motion graphics and graphic design are amongst his skill set, with many of the world’s biggest brands flocking to his creativity. He is also a trained lithographer and scallywag graffiti artist. He lives and works in Denmark, with clients including Aljazeera, Audi, Coca-Cola, Gilette, Haribo and Virgin Airlines.

  5. Mathieu Beaulieu

    Mathieu’s work is full of zany characters, perfect line work and punchy colours. He studied animation at degree level, and then later worked in the video game industry, on animated series and advertising. Mathieu has also contributed to 100% Recycled Paper, an Illustrator’s Lounge initiative which is a collaboration of several artists (which we hope to launch as soon as finances allow).

  6. Karl Kwasny

    Karl is a Manhattan based illustrator, with an excellent skill for hand-lettering. He also creates some really nice book covers, picture book artwork and editorial illustrations. Karl’s work is always pleasant to look at; I like the beautiful colours and he has a nice handle on his ink strokes. But there are also some attention grabbing ideas in his work, such as an unravelling women’s head and a flying turtle. It’s a mixture of good ideas and the technical ability to pull them off which make Karl very admirable.

  7. Fashion Fridays ~ Gabriel Moreno

    Gabriel Moreno is currently based in Madrid, where he creates these incredible illustrations and paintings as well as engravings. I like the detail in his work and the mood it creates. There is a subtle excitement (if such a thing exists). The bright colours play off the outlines in harmony, it’s no wonder so many big names have flocked to his skilful hands. Clients include Telefonica, Timotei, Jim Beam, Marlboro, Coca-Cola and Rolling Stone.