“character design”

  1. Delfina Pérez Adán

    Delfina Pérez Adán is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Dibujos, Argentina. She creates characters and backgrounds for animation as well as illustrations for magazines and comics.

  2. Juan Casini

    The bright colours and perfect forms found in Argentinean Juan Casini’s work are to die for. On his website you’ll find some fantastic sketch books with lots of experimental collage and type cuttings, some great personal projects including ‘Animal Gods’, as well as client work for web, games, character design and more. Jolly good fun; mosey on over.

  3. Dan Santat

    American illustrator Dan Santat is probably best known for creating the Disney series ‘The Replacements’, as well as his children’s book ‘The Guild of Geniuses’. He has also been awarded with the Silver Medal by the Society of Illustrators for his work on ‘Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett. He has such a wonderful understanding of colour and composition; a total natural.

  4. Justin Patrick Parpan

    I stumbled upon Justin’s blog today (and I think I looked through every page). He is currently working at Disney Studios, and he also creates a lot of fun illustrated work in his spare time. I really like his background art, which is simple, yet beautiful. You’ll also find on his blog some comic strips, character design, illustrated skateboards and the list goes on. Super talent, and extremely inspiring.

  5. Josh Parpan

    Today we have the wonderful, zany illustrations of Josh Parpan to inspire you! He’s a former CalArts student now working at Disney TV on a show called ‘Gravity Falls’. Josh has a superb grasp on character design, with all manner of angles and shapes explored to great effect. His colour palettes are also always stylish and tasteful.