1. The Boy Who Learned To Fly

    The Boy Who Learned To Fly is a seven-minute biographical film based on true events from Usain Bolt’s life. The flat-shaded look captures the vibrant flora of Jamaica with layers of colourful geometric shapes and textures. The film won a D&AD Pencil Awards for Film Advertising Crafts / Animation for Film Advertising.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ HonkFu

    HonkFu is a visual development studio based in Moscow, Russia. They work in a wide range of styles, primarily in comics and animation. Their animated project ‘JAM’ looks beautiful, fun and atmospheric so that’s one to look forward to. Here’s a bit about it:

  3. Glenn Thomas

    Glenn Thomas is an illustrator, animator and designer from Melbourne, Australia. He is rather impressive in all disciplines; his snazzy website portfolio displays some nice branding, animation clips and lots of fun illustrations. I think my favourite piece is his Ghostbusters animation (if you’ve seen the movies, you’ll get it). What’s great about Glenn’s work is no matter what he does, it has his stamp all over it. He has an identity which comes through his textures, fonts, shapes and colour palettes. See more here… 

  4. Break The Law Of Silence

    I stumbled upon this video recently and thought I’d post it up. I found the combination of real and illustrated imagery quite powerful, so I hope you all like it. Amnesty International is a brilliant charity that does great work and  the more people that hear about these atrocities the better in my opinion.