1. Scott Wills

    I have recently taken a strong interest in colour theory, and colourist. Trying to understand why certain pallets work and how to come up them. There is a lot to learn from today’s feature. Presenting the work of Scott Wills, who is among other things, a master of colour.

  2. Gabi de la Merced

    Based in Madrid, Gabi de la Merced is an illustration and animation. He works in both digital and traditional medium, but his tradition acrylic paintings really stand out in his portfolio. Many of Gabi paintings often mingle non G-rating overtones with well known family-friendly characters. However, his strong colour choices and soft textures are what really draw you into his work.

  3. Joris Thys

    Based in Belgium, illustrator Joris Thys has a fun, carefree style. His characters expressions are exaggerated, and his perspectives are distorted, making his style fun and accessible for children. Mr. Thys’ watercolour pieces are often rendered analogously, and by way of complementing colours he directs focus and creates impact. To see more of Joris Thys’ work, check out his website.

  4. Daniel Krall

    I am absolutely loving the style of illustrator Daniel Krall. Punchy colours, loose line work and packed with textures. I further became besotted when I found out much of the work is done traditionally, it is a mix watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pixels. For a little more background for Krall, Here is a nice quote from his website: