1. In Their Own Words – Michel Verdu

    Michel Verdu is a freelance character designer and illustrator. His madcap characters bumble around, sing and scowl all while remaining charming and cute. His eye-catching colours help bring energy and an mystical quality to his work. Though the saturation isn’t pumped up to the max, it is pretty close. Michel Verdu shares with us the push he needed to become a freelance illustrator and the importance of humour in his work.

  2. To Build a Fire

    In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper with his dog struggles to survive crossing the Canadian Yukon. ‘To Build a Fire’ is a beautifully animated adaptation of Jack London’s famous short novel. It was released in 2016 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the author’s death. Directed by Fx Goby and co-produced by Nexus Studios and Composite Films, the short has attended over 100 festivals, collecting around 20 awards including the Grand Prize at The Rhode Island Film Festival. In December 2017, the short was released online exclusively on Vimeo.

  3. Year in Review 2017

    The fire is crackling, I am sat snug in my Chesterfield with a glass of warm brandy and a pile of illustration books within arms-reach. In this period of reflection, I look back at 2017 and the Lounge’s journey so far.