1. Who’s Afraid of Mr. Greedy?

    The students (yes, I said students..!) at Gobelins surprise me every year with both their originality and their quality of animated shorts. This year is no different. I could have posted about any of the films from this year’s crop, as they were all fantastic – but this one made me really chuckle!

  2. Annette Marnat

    Annette Marnat uses a nice dry-brush style that is captivating and beautiful. Her characters have nice shapes and lines that make them interesting, and often there is a good use of white space that seems to make her characters glow in the sunlight.

  3. Manga Mondays ~ Eva Lara Ruiz

    Welcome to our first Manga Monday! With its roots firmly planted in Japan, Manga has become an international phenomenon. So to illustrate this, our first post in this weekly series is a big thumbs-up to Spanish comic book illustrator, Eva Lara Ruiz. Visit her Deviant Art page for more!