1. Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?

    Kate Bingaman Burt is an illustrator who lives in Oregon in the US. She has been drawing something she has purchased everyday since February 5th, 2006. There is something intrinsically nice about her short-hand doodles and I just love her hand drawn typography.

  2. The Rhodes Brothers

    I remember many many moons ago when I was first privy to the internet I used to spend hours (mainly due to the 56k dial-up modem) looking for new illustrators. I was lucky enough to stumble on Matt and Tom Rhodes and fell in love with their work. I would do character line-ups just like Matt’s, and I’m sure I stole a costume idea or two. Nowadays their work is more beautiful than ever, and still just as inspiring.

  3. The Eisner Awards 2011

    To be honest I haven’t seen or read a lot of the work that has won awards this year. But that’s exactly why I like to hear about the Eisner Award winners. I can find great work that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. This year, ‘The Marvelous Land of Oz’ by Skottie Young stood out to me, as did ‘It Was the War of the Trenches’ by Jacques Tardi. Winner of the Best Limited Series award ‘Daytripper’ also looks interesting. Head over to the SDCC website to see all the winners, it’s a great list.

  4. Jean-François (2009)

    Today we have a beautiful short film directed by Bruno Mangyoku and Tom Haugomat. It’s quite sombre, though there are some quite funny moments too. Like when the protagonist steps out of the car in a suit (but he’s still wearing his swimming cap!)

  5. Phillip Butah

    Phillip Butah is a personal friend of ours here at the lounge. Although we have examined his work time and time again, it never ceases to impress us. His ultra realistic portraits present the viewer with not only an honest study of the subject but also a deeper connection with them. Phillip tends to punch right through the barriers and show what lies beneath, this is truly amazing when coupled with his ability to make the persons character feel larger than life. Phillip has drawn many famous individuals to date including, Prince Charles, Ashley Walters, Linford Cristie and his latest works with Ed Sheeran. To see more, head over to his website.

  6. Andrew Bannecker

    I’m glad I came across the vector style illustrations of Andrew Bannecker; they’re full of imagination and the bright colours are striking. No wonder his client list is so impressive… Andew’s work is an advertiser’s dream! There is great variety on his blog, from posters, to mugs and personal work, updated regularly.

  7. Jeremy Wilson

    Dark strange fantasy, unsettling horror and eerie folklore are the subjects Jeremy Wilson is devoted to. A fantastic artist and illustrator who really brings the whole horror fantasy genre to life. Be sure to stop by his site to view more of his tormented works.