1. Illustrators Unlimited: The Essence of Contemporary Illustration


    Gestalten have been working on launching a new publication called Illustrators Unlimited.

    “Illustrators Unlimited presents the work of cutting-edge illustration talents scouted from around the world. They are working independently from fleeting trends and represent the best of the virtually inexhaustible possibilities of styles and techniques that are practiced today.”

    By looking at the exciting pre-release spreads, I instantly recognise some of the artist’s work who will be featured in the book. However I was also please to see some newer names and works of whom I’m a little less familiar with. Gestalten have published some amazing work since they established in 1995 and my gut feeling tells me that nothing will be quite as relevant for contemporary illustration  at this moment in time than this very book.

    The release date is set for late September in the UK and early to mid October in the rest of the world. However you can pre-order in on Amazon via this link:

    Illustrators Unlimited: The Essence of Contemporary Illustration