1. Book giveaway! When Comes What Darkly Thieves


    Ben Rubin has been kind enough to supply us with a copy of his new book “When Comes What Darkly Thieves” to giveaway to our very own readers.

    To enter this competition you must simply do two things. Firstly you MUST follow our Facebook fan page:


    Secondly you MUST post the correct answer out of the following 3 options to our fan page wall before the 31st of January 2012. A winner will be selected at random from our readers who supply the correct answer. The selected winner will then be contacted via Facebook and a copy of this marvellous book will be sent out to them.

    The Question: According to the book’s author and artist Ben Rubin, how do we misbehave? Is it…

    a) With smiles on our faces.
    b) With frowns on our faces.
    c) With our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground.

    The Hint: http://buttondownbird.com/ (Answer can be found on the official publisher and author’s website.)

    Good Luck!


    The Book Review:

    Normally I would review the illustration and the writing as two separate elements. However they are so integral to each other i.e. one would lose much of its meaning without the other, that I can only review the text and images as one complete piece of artwork.

    The artwork is a collage of exploded thoughts that re-amalgamate and surface as an abstract window into our own fantasy worlds. It takes the reader on a journey, firstly dodging the intimidating Zinganas “the blind King of gypsies”, then transforming them into to “the ghost of the moon” with the eventual vengeful projection of a dream bird that attempts to take back what Zinganas has stolen.

    I thoroughly enjoyed turning each page of this book with surprise and trepidation as to what would appear around the corner on the following pages. It’s a colourful and exciting book and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys exploration of abstract thought (which is most of us).

    A free version of the ebook can be found here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/when-comes-what-darkly-thieves/id479900058?mt=11