1. Manga Mondays ~ Sheena Aw


    Sheena Aw aka Caramelaw is a “mad motion graphic designer/video editor by day and a candyland superhero by night.” Or at least that is what Aw’s official biography says. Born and raised in Singapore, she studied Interactive media design at Temasek Polytechnic before landing a job at Earthtree as an Animation Director. In 2005 she won a Silver PROMAX Award for her promo work for MTV Asia.

    In 2008, Aw became a freelancer under the pseudonym Caramelaw. Throughout Aw’s career, she has designed for MTV Asia, Sony International, DC Comics, Hasbro and many others. Amongst her drawing and drinking tea activities, Aw also finds time to customise vinyl toys. Vibrantly hand-decorated dolls, that match the same energy her vector work has.

    Aw’s artwork is crowded with colour, sprinkled with detail and glowing with stars. It is an unapologetic amalgamation of silly characters, candy, mushrooms and rainbows. A combination that she creates with the sole intention of bringing joy to the viewer’s day.

    You can find Sheena Aw on Twitter, Instagram, and see more of her artwork on Behance and her website. You can also pick up one of her Caramelpops Custom Dolls on Etsy.