1. Manga Mondays ~ Sergi Brosa


    Sergi Brosa is a Concept Artist and Art Director based in Barcelona, Spain. He has worked for top video games companies Gearbox Software and Fathom Interactive, as well as indie company Kemojo Studios.

    Brosa spent three years formally studying at a Bau, School of Design However, has said he learnt the most just working hard at home on his own and sharing his work with his friends.

    Brosa has worked on numerous AAA games, specialising in apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy. Late last year, Brosa launched a Patreon page to help fund a madcap multiplayer racing game, Fury Beats. It is a personal side project to “keep the mind sane and the creativity flowing well.”

    You can see more Sergi Brosa’s work on DeviantArt, Behance, ArtStation, Instagram and Facebook. You can read an interview with Brosa on Moving Sketch and download his video tutorial on Gumroad.