1. Manga Mondays ~ Raven Wu


    Today’s Manga Monday artist is freelance illustrator Raven Wu. Based in Taiwan, he creates elaborate imagery that outright stops you in your tracks.

    Wu has an uncommon ability to balance a range of very saturated colours and an array of details. Though the subject is always different, there are common traits throughout his illustrations. The sun, ever-present in much of his work, lightly kisses lush fabrics with its warm glow. While, at the very same time, Wu makes the presence of the cold known, with a perpetual gust of wind that swirls objects in the air as if they were weightless. These traits, coupled with fantasy themes and costumes, make his work gorgeous, poetic and ethereal. No wonder Wu’s work demand your attention.

    Raven Wu’s DeviantArt is full of more stunning artwork. You can also find him on Pixiv and Facebook.