1. Manga Mondays ~ Rachel Saunders


    Rachel Saunders aka Baru is a freelance illustrator, animator and comic artist. Based in England, her style is a fusion of European and Japanese artistic influences. It varies, leaning more to one direction and occasionally meeting right in the middle.

    Saunders first self-published a comic book back in 2008, called First Law. It was a twelve page one-shot based on a short story, of the same name, by Isaac Asimov. Afterward she illustrated for the webcomic Frankenstein Complex and the Dark Souls inspired Sieglinde of Catarina. Birthed from her love of Hergé’s Tintin, and nudged by the release of the motion capture feature film, in December 2011 Saunders set up Ask Tintin. Where plucky fans could ask the boy reporter any question they liked. Saunders would then illustrate Tintin’s response. It quickly gained over one-thousand followers, and over two-hundred questions asked.

    Saunders was a part of the acclaimed fantasy comic, Spera. Contributing pages for both Volume 1 and Volume 2. She was part of the successfully crowd funded books 21 Draw and Masters Of Anatomy. She has also produced variant covers for Boom Studios’ Adventure Time and Regular Show comics.

    You can find more of Rachel Saunders on Blogger and DeviantArt.