1. Manga Mondays ~ Miho Hirano


    Today’s Manga Monday feature is Japanese artist Miho Hirano. A graduate from Tokyo Art School Musashino Art University. Living in Abiko, Chiba her mesmerising work has toured the walls of galleries across Japan. Recently, it seems she is contributing to group show every month, notably the highly praised Ephemeral ~ Territory of Girls exhibition at Jiro Miura Gallery.

    Hirano’s oil paintings seem to me to be evoking the Pre-Raphaelites spirit. Whether intention or not, her images share much of the same ethos. The atmosphere plays a larger role than narrative, the female beauties express a euphoric states of consciousness, and of course, the attention to detail of the natural world.

    With that said, Hirano’s paintings do have a stronger sense of surrealism. Her characters, and the nature that surrounds them, seem to merge into one. Hair, branches, flowers, and fish all float as if they are weightless. The use of heavily desaturated colours result in the image appearing as if you are looking at it through fog, or it is a hazed memory, or dream. All of these elements in the hands of Hirano beget undeniably dramatic work.

    You can find more of Miho Hirano’s work on her website, as well as her Facebook page.