1. Manga Mondays ~ Mau Lencinas


    Mau Lencinas is an illustrator and animator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His instantly recognisable, edgy illustrations draw from various sources including urban fashion, cyberpunk and anime.

    Many of Lencinas’ personal pieces are part of a unified series. Red Gangs was a window into a world of red-skinned techno gangsters. While Demon Hunters depicts a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese folklore. Rich in detail but limited both in palette and emotion his characters, layered in symbols and mythology, stand indifferent to the viewer’s gaze.

    Lencinas has worked with many top animations studios including Plenty (on Viacom Screens and Fanta Endtag), Sloop (on CAE Replay 911 – Shaping Experiences), and Le Cube. Last year, as part of Le Cube he illustrated and animated the Bass Award winning Senna, In the heart of Brazil.

    You can find more of Mau Lencinas’ work on Tumblr and Facebook.